Dating Mr. Mogul

(Book 2)

By some weird turn of fate, Any Peterson is now dating her former enemy, the ever so arrogant but oh-so-handsome bachelor William Maxwell. While every other girl would jump at the idea of having the richest man in the city as a boyfriend, Andy would rather opt-out – if only she had a choice. Needless to say, she felt like kicking herself at first.
William Maxwell, Mr. Mogul, is a changed man. Now a happier, kinder, and less arrogant version of himself, he’s all the more determined to capture Andy’s heart. He is living proof that persistence goes a long way. Getting Andy to agree on dates is no easy feat – at least not if you threatened to fire her ass the first time you met.

Just when Andy starts falling for William’s charms, unwanted persons from their past resurface, and paparazzi corners the left and right.

Can naive, country girl Andy handle the public scrutiny? Will William ever earn Andy’s full trust? Even better, will this awkward relationship go into full bloom, or will the circumstances nip that little romance in the bud?

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