On The Highest Branch_Feel Good

On The Highest Branch

Nothing ever happens in Junifer 'June' Guinn's life. And the outspoken yet deeply insecure girl is absolutely okay with it. But her monotonous days helping out at her grandparents' cafe take an unexpected turn when their school's golden boy swaggers back into her life. Parker Metzer, whom she has long secretly admired, also happens to be the ex of her best friend, Kedz. But Kedz and Parker are no longer dating and somehow June feels Parker is beginning to be a little too friendly. As she shakes off the idea of Parker, her fate continues to shift when she stumbles into a rather complicated situation with Hiro Cameron, a short-tempered and rebellious rich kid who has been forced to work at the cafe. And unlike the characters who constantly embark on adventures in the Manga novels she enjoys reading, June is happy with her humdrum existence, while Hiro longs for adventure and a life beyond the confines of family traditions. And that's just the beginning of how opposite these two are. They couldn't possibly survive working together in a tight-space cafe, could they? But, as June gradually develops a deeper bond with Parker, she also finds herself being the only person Hiro opens up to. Already faced with the pressures of performing better in her last year of high school at Clearwater High, and landing the right college, June now needs to make consequential decisions of the heart.