Mated to the Four Hybrids_Feel Hot

Mated To The Four Hybrids

Two vaewolves. Two warlocks. A brewing war. And she's the middle of it all." Jenny believed she would never be able to recover from the loss of her parents and twin brother. So she fled her home and everything she knew to a world dominated by vampires and lycans. When the universe gave her a second chance, she decided to forget about her past and embrace a new life. As Vanya, the Rogue Hunter of The Black Hollows Pack, life became a lot less painful and much less difficult for her. But not for long . . . The universe once again decided on her fate and made her the mate to four hybrids. They will claim her. But will she allow them if it means tipping the balance between vampires and lycans, and unleashing the Lupus Deus?