Fire and Frost_Feel Hot

Fire And Frost

Betryaed by those she trusts and unjustly convicted of murder, Priness Gwen fless and leaves her roya; life behind. Unbeknownst to her, destiny has other plans when Kai, a young member of the notorious Wandering Bandits, comes across her and is charmed by her. Though drawn to the fiery princess, Kai is torn. She is a runaway with a bounty on her head, and he is a bandit commissioned to capture her. However, the more time they spend together evading the king's men, the more Kai questions his loyalties and wonders if turning her in is what's right. When betrayal rocks the kingdom, Princess Gwen and Kai find themselves on an unexpected journey. Amidst dangers and uncertainty, they must choose: become allies or enemies. The fate of the kingdom may rest on the princess and the bandit putting aside their differences and learning to trust in each other.