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Beast In The Night

"We're much alike, you and I. While I'm a lone wolf and you're just a sad, loner who can't control her own temper, we're still bound to fill each other's empty shell." With his entire pack dead, gone, and buried by his kind, Rhys has been trapped in his past, hiding in the human world since he was seventeen, waiting and preparing for a war that he and his wolf will do everything to win. He has sworn to do whatever it takes to avenge his family and finally gain the one thing he's been longing for: a second chance, a new beginning. Recently released from a mental health treatment facility, Emily promised herself she'd do better this time and find her direction in life. No more dramas whatsoever. So, she leaves her mother, who she has never seen sober since she hit puberty, and sets off to start a clean, new life with her new pet Bunny that she steals from her mother's boyfriend. But ever since she met her next-door neighbor, she knew he was a little too odd, and she can't help but be a little too suspicious, especially when it gets a little too dark. Then, some bizarre things start to happen, and she soon uncovers a world that is stranger and somewhat darker than she can imagine.