Mated To The Four Hybrids

Two vaewolves. Two warlocks. A brewing war. And she’s the middle of it all.” Jenny believed she would never be able to recover from the loss of her parents and twin brother. So she fled her home and everything she knew to a world dominated by vampires and lycans. When the universe gave her a second chance, she decided to forget about her past and embrace a new life. As Vanya, the Rogue Hunter of The Black Hollows Pack, life became a lot less painful and much less difficult for her. But not for long . . . The universe once again decided on her fate and made her the mate to four hybrids. They will claim her. But will she allow them if it means tipping the balance between vampires and lycans, and unleashing the Lupus Deus?

Fire And Frost

Betryaed by those she trusts and unjustly convicted of murder, Priness Gwen fless and leaves her roya; life behind. Unbeknownst to her, destiny has other plans when Kai, a young member of the notorious Wandering Bandits, comes across her and is charmed by her. Though drawn to the fiery princess, Kai is torn. She is a runaway with a bounty on her head, and he is a bandit commissioned to capture her. However, the more time they spend together evading the king’s men, the more Kai questions his loyalties and wonders if turning her in is what’s right. When betrayal rocks the kingdom, Princess Gwen and Kai find themselves on an unexpected journey. Amidst dangers and uncertainty, they must choose: become allies or enemies. The fate of the kingdom may rest on the princess and the bandit putting aside their differences and learning to trust in each other.

Considerably Wicked

There is a string of murders happening around the Boston area, and no one knows for sure who is behind it. Enter Una Miller, a college student who is no stranger to the darkness of the human mind. After years of undergoing torture and receiving therapy, she is ready to move on from her past by welcoming someone new into her life. What better way to do that than to get a new roommate? Through her close (and only) friend Leizel, she meets Will Thomas, a handsome and charismatic man who has a lot more in common with Una than he lets on. A dark, thrilling tale of the seven deadly sins and the corresponding virtues of man, “Considerably Wicked” will get readers talking about what makes a man truly sinful and whether love can truly absolve these sins.

Big Bad Wolf

Werewolves. Vampires. The supernatural. There are no such things, are there? However, Alexander Carmichael is a living, talking, and womanizing Lycan royalty. Tired and fed up as a put-upon assistant to the CEO’s assistant, pragmatic, strong-willed, but sometimes klutzy Harper Fritz decides to quit and hands in her two-week notice. Everything immediately goes horribly awry for her when Alexander Carmichael, the smug, haughty, and inconceivably attractive CEO, loses his memory and thinks he’s human. Worse, he believes he’s engaged to Harper, the one and only woman in his existence who hates every fiber of his being. So, what could possibly go wrong?

Beast In The Night

“We’re much alike, you and I. While I’m a lone wolf and you’re just a sad, loner who can’t control her own temper, we’re still bound to fill each other’s empty shell.” With his entire pack dead, gone, and buried by his kind, Rhys has been trapped in his past, hiding in the human world since he was seventeen, waiting and preparing for a war that he and his wolf will do everything to win. He has sworn to do whatever it takes to avenge his family and finally gain the one thing he’s been longing for: a second chance, a new beginning. Recently released from a mental health treatment facility, Emily promised herself she’d do better this time and find her direction in life. No more dramas whatsoever. So, she leaves her mother, who she has never seen sober since she hit puberty, and sets off to start a clean, new life with her new pet Bunny that she steals from her mother’s boyfriend. But ever since she met her next-door neighbor, she knew he was a little too odd, and she can’t help but be a little too suspicious, especially when it gets a little too dark. Then, some bizarre things start to happen, and she soon uncovers a world that is stranger and somewhat darker than she can imagine.

My Unexpected Romance

Every person in the world is somehow worth the pain and the heartbreaks in case things don’t work out, right? That’s why people still get into relationships. No matter what. Never been kissed and never ever been romantically involved with a guy ever since The Big Bang, I was already pretty much convinced that I was one of those mega rare exceptions. The one who’s just not worth the risk. But you know what, life has a funny way of telling you, “Fooled you, idiot! You’ll have your love story, yet it isn’t just how you wanted it to be. Choices will be made, and hearts will be broken.” So who’s it going to be? My brooding best friend or my young substitute teacher?